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Posted On October 10, 2011

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‘Sup everyone? :o I feel bad for only posting every once in x amount of months. But, I’ve been busy with school when it finally started and I just don’t have the motivation to blog. :( I will probably be keeping this really short because the only reason why I ended up blogging was because of a random fail. So, let me tell you how my friend, randomly decided to show me my blog and my twitter [which is also inactive atm] ended up being the username that I had changed but forgot to update on here. And, when I looked at it, it was some .. — not me. LOL I had a 30 second panic because there was some unknown person who, first of all took my unused username and her tweets were really – undescribable. e__o Sorry for my poor vocabulary-skills. I’m really not the best at English even though I was born in a country that speaks English.

-sigh- Even though this is a Thanksgiving weekend, I’m spending it at home doing.. attempting to finish all of my homework. ‘kay, time to start being productive ! You probably won’t see me blogging anytime soon though.. byebye!

* OH ! If anyone wants to follow me, my new username on Twitter is dinAHsaur_ . I’m pretty inactive there too, but hey, I don’t mind any new followers. :) Sorry for any confusion !


* (8) Baby Goodbye ~

Posted On July 18, 2011

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Let me dedicate this post to my two friends: here and here because they just miss my blogging that much. LOL, anyways, so.. it’s July now, around 2 months since I’ve last posted? I feel kind of bad for not posting too often but honestly, I’m just too lazy to. Most of the time, the only reason I post is because people force me too. Well, enough with that, so I’m guessing that I should probably write a novel to her because she seems so desperate to see some blogging happening. So, to those readers out there, I’m sorry for the randomly long post. It’ll make up for the past and following months I may or may not be posting! :)

Hmm.. where should I start? Err, so it’s finally summer (yes, I’m stating the obvious) and well unlike most of you happy but bored people, I’m stuck here at summer school. Can you believe it, summer school?! I can’t either. I’m pretty sure, I’m those type of people that complain about school so often that my friends just ignore me whenever I do. Haha, well.. so here I am in summer school taking a course on.. Math for Data Management. Funny, huh? I’m doing two of the most hated things in the short two month vacation that I was pretty much dying to go be throughout the entire year.

Why am I at summer school some of you may ask. Let me just say ahead of time that, no I did not fail nor am I trying to. I am trying to fast track and get ahead of others is how some people may phrase it. However, this is actually just a preparation or what I call a “back up” course for me in case I change my mind and decide to change my career path. Well, since I’m talking about career paths, at this moment, I’m planning to head towards the sciences specifically Life Sciences at UofT or York. And, some of you may know, it requires a lot of hard core math and sciences courses. I am honestly, not the best at either of those previously mentioned and I doubt myself many times as to why the <insert curse word here> I am heading to one of most difficult programs.

Let me just place this in here for a bit, before I continue on.. 

^ If you listen to it, you’ll figure out where my title comes from. I think it sounds pretty cool, and if any of you guys care, they’re really flexible. Like, they can do amazing acrobatic movements and stuff, it will make you go.. O__O WHOA.

Anyways, going back to the topic of summer school, my reasons for taking Data Management are to prepare for going into businesses preferably Accounting in case of any problems while attempting to enter any universities for Science programs and, to raise my average. My average.. oh dear buddha, just mentioning it makes me sad. Let me share with you my sadness of what I will be going through during my last year in high school.

  • English
  • Calculus and Vectors
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Accounting
  • International Business Fundamentals
^ As some people may call it, it’s the “Asian six pack.” Thanks to the deathly Honours program which I have FINALLY COMPLETED [let’s take a few seconds and celebrate, or I will at least.. YAY~] I was able to complete one of the math courses earlier than others but at the cost of a rather unappealing final grade. -sigh- Well, it’s almost time to eat, which means it’s time for me to go. :o Too bad I wasn’t able to finish what I wanted to say. I can’t really tell if I wrote a lot.. so I’m sorry if it’s not long enough for you or if it is too long for the rest of you. :(
Here’s to the never-ending post .. Fiction – B2ST ~
^ It’s so beautiful, right? ;)
Byebye! Oh wait.. let me just sum up.. add a bit, whatever you call it. Summer school kills me inside but I’m doing alright so far and I’m pretty sure I might be dropping once again especially after the midterm. Gr. 11 ended rather.. iffy and my summer is okay, oh gosh. It’s getting late.. DINNER! Bye~

* Rainy days .

Posted On May 14, 2011

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Wow .. it’s been months since my last update and I wouldn’t have even updated if my friend didn’t tell me to. I have no idea where to start. :/ Well, looking back, it was still exam period and well everything turned out to be decent. Most of marks increased compared to the report card before except for accounting. During the start of second semester, I was hoping for my average to improve which it did but not enough to bring back the average that I once had. I think this will be another year spent not having an honour roll. This is rather depressing. ><”

The courses this semester are math again (advanced functions), physics, English and SAP (Intro to Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology). Well, math without any extra material has made my marks increase by approximately 10% compared to last semester. But, even with this increase, it is still not good enough if I’m trying to get into a good program in university. So I keep telling myself that I need to improve but my motivation doesn’t really last long enough.. Physics kills me more than half the time. The course itself is interesting and I have a nice teacher but when I don’t understand anything it’s frustrating. Usually, I have to get a really bad mark in my quizzes in order for me to get the message and study properly. I honestly hate my English class. Both the course and the people.. I feel somewhat guilty for saying that but seriously if I had the choice, I would not take this. SAP is okay since I’m doing really well but I dislike having it at lunch, being in a class with annoying people and the homework-like assignments. Overall, second semester is alright. There’s some things I don’t like about it but that’s probably how it’s like for everything.

‘kay, so today, after 1 year spent being visually impaired I finally went out to buy new glasses! I’ll be getting them tomorrow and I can’t wait to be able to see the chalkboard again. ~ :D Anyways, uhmm.. nothing special really happened. I finally got to buy my friend her 1 week late birthday gift, went out in the rain .. piano lessons. That’s pretty much it.

B2ST’s album is coming out ~ Fact & Fiction : May.17.11 !

andd .. Lonely – 2NE1 ~

* (8) Black & White ~

Posted On January 27, 2011

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Woo ~ It’s been so long since I last updated on my blog. :o So nothing much is going on right now since it’s exam week. Tomorrow’s my last exam! :D Yeeah ~ -celebrates- Well, I should be studying for my accounting exam tomorrow but I just lost all my motivation to do any more studying. I think I’ve been doing lots of studying for the past couple of days – with random A.D.D. moments in between.

Here’s G.NA’s newest MV, Black & White for those who’re planning to read this somewhat long entry. Enjoy! :)

But anyways, today was a really busy day. I had my math and technological design exams today. Overall, I “think” I did fine, okay, maybe even well but, what’s the chances of that? Why do I say that? Well, to be honest, I’m not the brightest person out there especially in math. I admit I have my moments where if you knew me, you’d probably act as if you didn’t. );

Back to the topic of exams.. first of all, the tech. design exam didn’t feel like one. o_o That exam felt more like a worksheet instead of something that’s worth something around 15-30% of our final grade. This is mainly because, firstly there were many errors to it which includes spelling, and poor format. I’m guessing that this was something that was probably made in around 10 minutes with 5 minutes of planning? Besides that, everyone was sitting rather close by and it was actually really easy to cheat. I’ll admit that I cheated because I know a bunch of people out there do as well it just depends on how well you cheat. But yeah, what pissed me off the most about the exam was mainly the format. It was so fugly and the lack of lines the way it was ordered… OMG. This seems to be something pretty stupid to complain about but dudes, it’s just ew. Not to mention that the places that needed lines had less than something that was say worth 1 mark. -_-”

Hmm.. let’s see what else was wrong with it.. Ah! The questions that were asked were completely retarded. What kind of exam is this, like seriously? I was able to answer most of it but I’m not completely sure that’s what the teacher may have wanted. Oh well.. after a while I just kind of give up on all of this.

After that exam, I spent the next two hours or so in the library finishing up whatever was left of my math project and attempting to study math. Well the studying part was pretty much a failure though, although I think I was able to help my friends with math miraculously. o__o It’s even more amazing the fact that both of them have the exact same math mark which is still higher than mines. Om nom nom, boredd.

Math exam was completely what I felt like last year = shit! (Y) I think I was actually able to answer most of the questions this time with confidence though. So hopefully I’ll be able to at least achieve the passing mark for the program. If not.. at least let me pass. T__T I’m so amazed at the amount of words I typed up. Next semester when there’s mostly writing and essays, I’m pretty sure I’ll be failing to meet the required amount of pages. ):

Anyways, I think this is a good time to start studying again.. byebye!

* Merry Christmas! :D

Posted On December 25, 2010

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Merry Christmas everyone! :D I’m so dizzy right now .. this is probably because I have been staring at the computer screen for the past couple of hours. Gaahhh.. I think I want to go sleep now why did I wake up early today? ><

Aiishh.. I’m losing my energy from this morning. Well anyways, I have no plans today as always so right now I’m at home in my room typing out this post on my computer and half-playing MapleStory on another. I’m waiting for my friend to come back for lunch so that we can play on OMGPOP.com .

I don’t remember if I posted this but I’ve been replaying this song for the past two days I think? Oh wells.. here is the performance of Thanks To – YoSeob & JunHyung!

^ My favourite part is when Yoseob sings the chorus~ :D

‘Kay well.. I guess it’s time for me to go do something now. Merry Christmas everyone, bye!

.. Oh wait. So, it was my birthday two days ago and I finally turned 16! :D There was a birthday party and well it was kind of awkward because one of my friends invited a bunch of his friends who I didn’t know. It was better by the end.. but I didn’t really talk to them much. Oh well, I probably won’t see them ever again anyways. LOL.

&, The day before my birthday, my friend Danica came over and we made gingerbread houses! It was pretty fun .. except for the fact the the icing fell on my foot. Normally, people would help clean up but she didn’t. Instead she just stood there laughing, and taking pictures. >.> But my side of the gingerbread house that we made together was prettier. :3

‘kays.. byebye!

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